• About Focused Leadership Consulting & Dr. Lisa Hale

    Our guiding philosophy at Focused Leadership Consulting is that getting real results that last is what matters to our clients. We believe that the practice and integration of Exceptional Leadership™ is the secret to exceptional results in business and life - engendering success, significance, satisfaction and real rubber-meets-the-road results.

    Exceptional Leadership™ integrates the clarity of no-nonsense accountability, focused and effective action, with true congruence and personal responsibility. This is the most powerful way for a leader to be and it allows us to chart an elegant path to success while re-formulating the culture of work, life and purpose.

    That is the philosophical foundation of our work. In practical terms, our focus is on concrete, meaningful and lasting results. Dr. Hale’s clients have dubbed her the Leadership Architect – as they accomplish meaningful change in short order. Our clients' results speak for themselves. In six months Laurie (32 year veteran owner of a mid-sized firm in NM) increased revenue by 30%. More importantly, she eliminated toxic staff members, re-allocated the work load, and carved out more of her own time to be the rainmaker that her company needs her to be. As she stepped into her own exceptional leadership - her company and her team promptly began to grow - exceptional results!

    Lisa Hale, Ph.D. is PCC credentialed through ICF (International Coach Federation)

So! You’ve got a great idea! Or, at least you think you do. Now what?

Have you ever had an idea that you just know is really great? Something with real potential? What do you do with it? Have you ever just tried to mull it over yourself? Are you inclined to keep it hidden because…..someone else might steal it? Deep inside do you worry someone might laugh? Or think you’re an … Continue reading

Breakthrough For You now!

Join us, it’s free http://ow.ly/K01Uy Have you ever felt like Alice in Wonderland when she’s running faster and faster on that chessboard, but not getting anywhere? That no matter how hard you work, your income level just seems to be stuck? As entrepreneurs, we all hit these thresholds. That’s because each threshold has a nexus … Continue reading

Accelerating Achievement Velocity with Ease

Happy Monday! Here’s a quick video tip on how to accelerate the net velocity of achievement in your business and life: [00:00] Hey There! Here’s a quick tip on how to accelerate the velocity of achievement in your Life. [00:11] My name is Lisa Hale, and I am the Leadership Architect at Focused Leadership Consulting. … Continue reading

Leadership Alignment – Getting what you want in life

Every single day in my inbox there are at least a half-dozen articles on leadership. Makes sense right? That’s my field! Leadership, Business Excellence and Performance. So, I see a lot of articles. What bothers me about these articles is that they all list the qualities that are most important for a good leader or … Continue reading

And now … For a change … a Radio Interview for you

I had the great good fortune to be interviewed by Bill Cobb about leadership in business last weekend. I wish to share the interview will all of you. I have a post brewing now about effective communication – stay tuned for that! Meanwhile – click on the image below to have a listen. To your … Continue reading

Incredible Day At Red Rocks

I had a tough choice to make last Friday. Finally I did, and Red Rocks won out. I listened to my ‘inner knower’ and, as usual, it did not let me down. I am writing from a state of awe, humility and gratitude for all of what I witnessed that day at the ICF Leadership Conference. Before … Continue reading

“All that, and a bag of chips”

Have you heard that expression? Have you ever wrestled with feeling like you are, “all that, and a bag of chips” while also knowing that the hubris might be getting out of control? The first time I heard it was out of the mouth of a beautiful, earthy, outdoorsy native Colorado woman. Oh! It made … Continue reading

Ready, Set, Execute!

Have you ever said this? “I’m so ticked off! I never seem to have time to get this thing off the ground.” My long time client said this to me just yesterday. Her frustration sounded something like this: ‘I am constantly overwhelmed and putting my time and energy into keeping a broken system going. I … Continue reading

5 Presentation tips from a real pro – By Richard Feloni

5 Presentation Tips From The World Champion Of Public Speaking RICHARD FELONI   YouTube/Toastmasters Dananjaya Hettiarachchi giving his winning speech “I See Something.” Public speaking can be terrifying for many people simply because they’re not accustomed to having a room full of people paying attention to their every word and action. There are also plenty … Continue reading

Help! I’m taking over from another pro-how do I ensure success?

Hi there – Happy Wednesday! The World Business and Executive Coach Summit (WBECS) for 2014 is coming up. It’s an amazing event full of great information. And, it’s all virtual! They have lots of complimentary sessions throughout May including sessions by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and John C. Maxwell Here is the session details for one … Continue reading

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